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Windows 7

Ok was given the go-ahead from my boss to dual boot and have Windows 7. It was a bit of hassle getting the second hard-drive bootable.

From moving to XP to Windows 7 is a major user experience change - but for all the right reasons!

there are so many features i missed out on by not going to Vista - the snipping tool, the great search functionality, user access control (?) ha ha, but as they were on Vista, they were on a buggy O/S.

They billed Windows 7 as a fixed up Vista and it certainly is that! I love it and will be spending the weekend working out a full list of tools and hacks etc from my XP machine to install on Windows 7 the minute it hits full release! MSDN license is ready, machine is ready, Windows 7 is almost here!!

Try it and i promise you will like it

EDIT: Windows 7 RTM hit MSDN yesterday - already migrated to it!