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Guathon London - August 2010

Yesterday [13th August 2010] was the Guathon and i was lucky to get a ticket to it as they usually get all booked out after minutes of opening registration. On the bill was the following topics:


  • VS2010 and ASP.NET 4.0
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Web Futures


All topics were covered by the ‘Gu’ himself apart from Windows phone 7 which was taken by Mike Ormond. I guess session 1 and 2 were revists for me as i have been using VS2010 and .Net 4 since it went RC earlier this year. But there were still a fair few new shortcuts i was able to pick up to help me use visual studio more effectively (maybe i should blog my favourites??)


The session on Windows Phone 7 was something i was very looking forward to but i have to say that having looked at it i feel a bit let down. Mike Ormond presented it very well and done it a lot of justice showing how easy it is to make apps. But this product has been ‘sold’ to us all so far as the next generation of phones. But from this session there was something i was able to take away:


  • The phone will actually put apps into a “tombstoned” state when its not running whilst you are doing something else
  • The phone will not support silverlight in the browser


The first statement about tombstoning made the phone feel basic - you can read more about tombstoning at this post. The iPhone 4 and the Androids can multitaks - they don’t tombstone apps so why is the latest phone to the market place going to do so? The non support of silverlight in teh browser seems absurd - i understand this is to make sure that people put their apps through the marketplace but what about sites that are silverlight based?? Am i to believe that we cannot browse sites created with silverlight?? I was so surprised with the answer that i had to check it with the person behind me [now found out to be Nathan Gloyn]!

Overall impressions of the Win Phone 7 - lovely UI [because of the metro theme] but i think it will take another generation or 2 of it before it even pushes the marketshare of android or apple phones.


Then i got to the session i was looking forward to most - Web Futures. The gu was going to cover the following topics:

  • IIS Express
  • SQL Server CE 4
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 - with Razor view engine
  • EF 4 ‘Code First’


All i can say is WOW!. The new technologies for developers [not that webmatrix stuff ;p] looks fantastic. IS Express - a fully functional light version of IIS 7 only difference is that it doesn’t need an admin account to run it, SQL Server CE 4 is a simple db that we can deploy through the bin and app_data folder and will be able to be looked at via server explorer, EF Code First so simple to start to move towards a domain driven approach for our code without the need for a 3rd party ORM and Razor - what can we say about that! Razor looks unique - it is so simple to use, the syntax is very light and concise and with the replacement of <%: model.<propertyname> %> to @model.propertyname. Its a good area to be moving to - ill certainly be pushing MVC for my newest project.

the gu is such a legend he was even able to show dependency injection and IoC to MVC 3 in 8 minutes ;p!!


thanks to the organisers and speakers: Phil Winstanley, Dave Sussman, Scott Guthrie and Mike Ormond