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Where Have All the Good Developers Gone?

I have been trying to recruit now for a good few months and we don’t seem to be having much luck. I’m not asking for much in a developer – I not looking for an expert in any particular field, in fact I think I’m looking for just some core skills that a good mid-level/ senior developer should have.

Here’s what core skills I’m looking for:

  • ASP.NET/ C# 3.5 -  4.0
  • LINQ2SQL or Entity Framework 4
  • Unit Testing Skills
  • WCF / Web Services

Desirable skills I’d like:

  • MVC 2 ( or 3)
  • Good grounding in Design Patterns
  • Agile Experience
  • Experience with Continuous Integration
  • Social media API Experience

The desirables are just that – desirable! They are not required for this! There is 1 other thing that I really want in a developer – passion! I want a developer to enjoy what they do and to be able to work in a team that requires good knowledge share and good communication skills

I cannot find developers never mind the developers that fit the bill – am I looking for the wrong type of developer? I’ve been told that all the good developers have changed to be contractors - is this the case? Do the skills I require seem to be so far out of left field that developers don’t have them? I’m honestly stumped!!