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How I Enjoyed DDD9

So Saturday past, 29th January 2011, was DDD9, Organised by Craig Murphy, Phil Winstanley and Dave Sussman et all. All I can say is what a thoroughly enjoyable day. As I was speaking in the last session of the day, I was a bit too nervous to go to every session. But I dipped in and out of a few. Here’s my highlights:

.Net Collections Deep Dive – Gary Short

Well I have seen Gary present before and I think he’s an awesome presenter but I hadn’t seen this session. So I thought I could learn a lot. I wasn’t wrong – I learned a lot of new data structures that I didn’t know existed as I don’t use them for anything.

This session has prompted me to really think about what I use and for what scenarios. Shame there wasn’t time for more of this talk – but the questions kept on coming for Gary and people made him run out of time I think.

Functional Alchemy: Tricks to keep your C# DRY – Mark Rendle

What can we say about Mark – his sessions are fun. This is like the 4th time I have seen this session and I keep picking up new parts to it. What made it even better was the interaction between Jon Skeet and Mark on ways which things could be done differently to Marks way

Is your code S.O.L.I.D ? – Nathan Gloyn

I has seen a lot of talks on SOLID and have been inspired by quite a few but this one was completely different. Nathan related the SOLID principles to real world code and that made such a huge difference. Well delivered and with good explanations.

It’s a real shame that I wasn’t able to watch the end of the session since my laptop started to not work well when I was messing with some demos before my own session

Enforcing Code ‘Beauty’ With StyleCop – Guy Smith-Ferrier

I have to admit I was a bit interested in this session as I have had some interesting times with StyleCop before so i thought I’d go along. I was actually going to go to Colin Gemmell’s session (I’ll have to catch that another time). Good fun session and really made me see the benefit of Style Cop – I shall be trying this product out more soon Smile


Great day with lots of good people and good sessions. I can’t wait for DDD Scotland and DDD SouthWest this year. I will be at both! Massive thanks to all the team for the day and thanks to all the people who voted my session in! Got to meet loads of people I have been talking to on Twitter (too many to mention) but shame I couldn’t meet more. I’m gutted I couldn’t clone myself so I could have been to more talks but human cloning is a taboo topic…..