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Visual Studio 2010 Extension Required

I have just installed a new extension to Visual Studio 2010 using the Extension manager and then realised I’d have to do the same at home. Seems very laborious doesn’t it!! Why isn’t there a way to be able to get an output of the installations you have installed and their download links (maybe in an xml type format) that I could then export and store in dropbox.

Format could have the following information:

  • Extension Name
  • Version
  • Download location/ online gallery location
  • Publisher
    I’d then like to be able to take this xml file and import it to a new extension manager of my choice and then tell visual studio to go off and download the required extensions. In the era of cloud computing I really thought this would be possible I think its even more important when developers are switching between machines.

Do we ever think something like this will be developed? Is anyone interested in a product like this – lets try and get it implemented! Its only the same functionality they have when you can export bookmarks and ftp locations from other tools. Smile


EDIT: There is currently the ability to have a personal Nuget repository so this ‘extension repository’ would be great for sharing in a team as well!