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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Nervous About GiveCampUk

I have been reading more and more posts and comments about how some developers are worried about coming along to GiveCampUK (has anyone told you about GiveCampUK – more information on the website :) ). I cannot tell you not to feel this as I cannot control your feelings but I can try and help make you see that it is unfounded.

Who knows everything about software development?

Personally, I’d say that I do not know 1 single person who knows everything about software development. I seen Scott Guthrie once tell the audience that Steve Sanderson knew more about MVC than he did. Scott Guthrie is, what I would class as the infinite source of ASP.NET wisdom. For him to be able to still class himself as learning something, then I guess that gives us all hope.

I know a lot of people who travel and speak about development and the different forms of it. These people all realise there will be nuggets of information that they will pick up from conferences. If they didn’t get to speak to people and learn new things then conferences would be boring. FACT! You will be able to show others in your team a new way of doing something. There is no right or wrong answer.

We are all continually learning. It will be scary to be at GiveCampUK and be put in a situation that puts us out of our comfort zone. I personally think it will make us better developers for facing the situation and overcoming it. The way we will structure the technical teams of GiveCampUK means that help is only a shout away. There will be a team of “roving” developers who will effectively troubleshooters! We have also managed to get hold of Pluralsight subscriptions for all the attendees – this will help them “hone” their skills.

Please try to take this advice about GiveCampUK – embrace the experience and use the nerves to your advantage! This is a great opportunity to network and show that you are a good developer who is passionate about what you do! IT IS NOT A JOB INTERVIEW – we will not try to trick you :)

Its in 6 weeks time – I’m getting very excited!