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TeamCity Pricing Model Discussion

I have heard people talking for a while on the TeamCity pricing strategy and thought I’d write a post to start to get some opinions on what you think it should be changed to.

TeamCity users are very lucky that we have a free, without restriction, version of the software to use. It comes with 20 build configurations and 3 build agents. Unfortunately, people still do not find this adequate for their needs. The enterprise version has unlimited build configurations and 3 build agents and is approx. £1600. So the question here is:

What do you think the pricing model of TeamCity should be?


If we can get good feedback, we can give this to Jetbrains in order to let them see what their customers feel they need. This post, or discussion, does not in any way guarantee that the pricing of the tool will change.

I have heard the following suggestions:

- Make the enterprise version come with 5 build agents
- Have a version between Free and Enterprise that allows like 70 build configurations
- Give the ability to buy package extras e.g. 20 build configurations for $500 etc.

What do you think? Comments required please!