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CodeMash 2012–what an Awesome Event!

This past weekend (January 10th – 14th 2012) CodeMash was held in the Kalahari resort in Sandusky, OH. Yes I know – Ohio in January!! I had been warned that firstly its cold there and secondly there is usually a lot of snow. This time we were quite lucky and only got a little snow. I arrived on Wednesday night after a very long journey and walked into what was just a hive of activity. I have been to a lot of conferences, this one was not only huge but very interactive and social. A lot of the attendees brought their families for the week!


I was very lucky to have a session accepted for this conference (Introducing Continuous Delivery) and was extremely pleased to know that my session had made it from over 700 applications. I was also lucky enough to have my session early on Thursday. If you look at the schedule, marvel at the level of speakers here and you will see why I was so pleased!

The big thing for me on this conference is that there were a lot of companies there in force. Edgecase and Leandog are the 2 that stick out for me. Edgecase as they were usually in the hot tub drinking and leandog because of those hats Smile. There was also the small matter of a party on Thursday evening after the sessions that actually moved to take over the waterpark between 10pm and 1am. A-Maze-ing! I, in fact, did ‘a Corey Haines’ and smashed my head off the bottom of the pool. At one point on the Friday, Cleveland were trying to get me to stand on the runway as a beacon for the planes to find the runway as it was so red!

a Corey Haines :
  • To injure oneself at CodeMash in the waterpark
  • OMG Dude you just did a Corey Haines – are you ok?
    Oh and the bacon bar – bacon with all sorts of toppings available – from butterscotch to white chocolate.


Without the sponsors this event would never have been able to happen. Please do say a thank you – tweet them even! I seen tweets as to the magnitude of the event:

Just picked up cashier’s check to Kalahari for partial conference payment: $330,000. Nice double-take from the cashier when I said amount

Most importantly, I would sincerely like to thank all the organisers. These guys work on this conference while holding down jobs. Its an incredible accomplishment. It was what I would certainly class as the best conference ever. Thinking of 1300 geeks in a waterpark in Ohio in January doesn’t do this event justice at all. It is quite literally a software conference for the entire family.

I met so many cool people – I couldn’t begin to name them all or acknowledge them all! I will certainly be back next year! For now I will have to get over the bacon sweats, keep icing my head from my stupidity and start working on my submission next year!