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Spoofing the Host Entry in a HTTPWebRequest

I had this idea to create a dashboard that would ping different version of a site in order to get the build number. The details are as follows:

runs on a local site at 192.x.x.x, a QA environment at 10.x.x.x, a staging environment at 66.x.x.x, and a live environment at 88.x.x.x (these IPs are made up). In order to hit each site, I would usually manually change the host file and then make the web request. This was not a great solution as I hate dealing with host file entries. On experimenting with HTTPWebRequest, I noticed that you can use reflection in order to change the Headers of the Request. The normal code to create a HTTPWebRequest would look as follows:

I was able to spoof the host by changing the host using reflection:

This allowed me to make multiple requests to different versions of the same site. Using a simple collection of my site objects to build a dashboard that had the following outline:

  Local QA Stage Live
Build Number web_12_4_qa web_12_4_qa web_12_5_stg web_12_4_prod