Looking for a new role

EDIT: I am no longer looking for a new role. Thanks to all for the suggestions TL;DR: I am looking for a new role. I am an infrastructure developer who has a passion for metrics, monitoring and alerting. If you feel that you are interested in me coming to help your engineering team, then get in contact with me public@paulstack.co.uk I love working on infrastructure! Over the past few years, I have helped transform a team who worked solely in the manual sysadmin space into the configuration management world.

IT Recruitment is F**ked

We get inundated with job specs in our inbox. Each email is filled with buzzwords in order to try and entice us to take the new role. I have not, nor will not, take a job spec filled with buzzwords. I join a company because of a culture. Having recently read Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, I really started to see how recruitment in IT is f**ked broken. The book talks about manipulations in modern society.

Can we fully trust online training courses?

NOTICE: This post is not written to pick on any specific person or service. This is only my thoughts from speaking to people in the past few weeks The online training industry seems to be a lucrative thing. I have heard rumours (unconfirmed! ) of authors earning 6 or 7 figure sums from training courses they have made and delivered. While part of me thinks, “I really want a part of that”, the other part of me thinks that I don’t have the level of expertise to do it.

Changing my focus

For those that know me, you know that I am very passionate about infrastructure and DevOps. Infrastructure is something that we, as developers, don’t really give a lot of thought to. DevOps is something that will make our businesses more successful. So, I am changing the job role that I have. From now, I am no longer focusing on writing application code. Instead I am going to spend my time focusing on the following areas: